Bluebells Bar


bluebells - a short history

The Famous Bluebells, the only Rangers Bar in Puerto Del Carmen, was established in 2008 before changing in hands in August 2011. Since then it has remained in the hands of Kenny and Nikki.

In December 2014 the bar re-located to larger and improved premises 100 meters along the strip and in July 2017  the team incorporated the premises next door, creating the Bluebells Bar you all know and love today.

The bar now has an official capacity of close to 100 seats with sunny and shaded areas, an inside space with full air conditioning, a pool lounge and a kids’ fun zone.

Being a Rangers Bar, many people would also associate us with being a Scottish Bar. As we always have a proportion of our staff who come from Scotland, it's a logical association and attracts visitors who like to mingle and meet people from home.
Being Scottish and also proudly British, many people also see us a British Bar which in turn means that a good proportion of our visitors are from around Great Britain. As the remainder of our staff are always British this ties in perfectly. And to complete the circle, being a Rangers Bar attracts many loyal customers from Northern Ireland on the basis of the obvious and very strong links between Rangers and the fabulous support the club gets from our friends across the sea. It's a wonderful and truly unique story!

What is Bluebells?

Bluebells is many different things to many different people. We are first and foremost a Rangers bar and always will be. Rangers is at the very heart of Bluebells and to say this is a genuine privilege. We show every Rangers game live and at times the atmosphere can be truly electric – fantastic in fact!

Family Bar

Bluebells ethos is to be a Rangers bar but much more. We focus hard to welcome and accommodate families including children of all ages, and our menu and facilities are always geared around this philosophy.

We believe that a family bar makes for a great atmosphere and enriches the experience for everyone. People of all ages and background regularly make friends in Bluebells and it is very common to see lifelong friendships being established from random encounters. Another wonderful story!

Our heart

Our team



Meet Emily

Where are you from? Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway
Age? Don't know
Star sign? Capricorn
Lived here for? Don't know
Best thing about you? I'm a belter!
Worst thing about you? Screw Loose - adjust if you want! lol!



Meet Leanne

Where are you from? Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
Age? Mid 20's... Lol!
Star sign? Aquarius
Lived here for? Since October 2018
Best thing about you? I'm easy going!
Worst thing about you? I'm clumsy but it gives everyone a laugh!



Meet Elisha

Where are you from? Leeds, Yorkshire
Age? 5 going on 55!
Star sign? Libra
Lived here for? I came on holiday, 4 years ago!
Best thing about you? me melons!
Worst thing about you? I'm English! LOL!



Meet Fran

Where are you from? Farnborough, Hampshire
Age? 18, the best age!
Star sign? Aries
Lived here for? 7 years, I went back to the UK once and came straight back!
Best thing about you? My baby boy, Jacob!
Worst thing about you? A tattoo i regret



Meet Fi

Where are you from? Wales
Age? Probably about 7!
Star sign? Sagittarius
Lived here for? Since 2012
Best thing about you? I can always make people laugh!
Worst thing about you? I can always make people laugh - but at the wrong time!



Meet Broxi

Where are you from? Somewhere in Lanzarote
Age? About 8
Star sign? What?!?
Lived here for? My whole life
Best thing about you? My teeth!
Worst thing about you? My Mum and Dad - Idiots! 🇬🇧 🐶WATD.

Watch your Football in a football bar

Being a Rangers bar, we are of course very focussed on live football but all other major sports events are also shown live too, often simultaneously with their own sound for the best experience. We have 8 TV´s all connected via HDMI and CAT5 cables, meaning Bluebells offers full glorious HD no matter where you sit, inside or out. We believe our set-up is unrivalled in Puerto Del Carmen.
We offer Sky Sports, beIN Sports, BT Sport, Premier Sports and just about any other channel you can think of.
In addition, Rangers TV is accessible via the internet, also with an excellent quality stream due to our 300mb fibre-optic cables.

If Rangers are playing it WILL be on here!

Kick off at 17:55 – get in early to get your seat! Our snack menu will be available throughout.

For a full list of what's likely to be on here, please access the liveonsat website


In peak periods we organise family fun quiz, games and bingo nights several times a week. The general approach is just to have a bit of fun and basically to take the p**s out of people who are s***e. Just a laugh really! The cash bingo can reach prize pots of up to 200€ so that can be a little more serious for the short time it's on!